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New Plant- Opening: Summer 2018

We have to build a new plant because due to the optical sorting, our business almost doubled in two years. Optical sorting allows you to do things with technology instead of with manual skills. In our new facility, all of our equipment will be brand new – we will have the most up to date technology on site to ensure the seed is treated and sorted in an efficient manner. Will be the biggest building in town. Some of the technologies we use today we devised more than 100 years ago and it doesn’t get much better than it did then. The concepts of how the separated grains back 100 years ago haven’t really needed to be improved upon. We may have better equipment that is more efficient, but the same principles are used.


We are going to be the first people to collect the dust we create and mix it with some of the garbage particles that we process and we are going to make feed pellets from it. We wont have to deal with dust anymore – we are going to be processing it into feed pellets.

We have collected samples and have sent them to a mill. The mill ground it and they are going to pelletized it for us.
That is going to be our environmental savour. We wont be broadcasting dust anymore.

We have had it tested and we are confident we are going to be making feed pellets and will not be dumping dust anymore and able to sell and recapture a value for what was typically garbage before.

Top view of harvested barley wheat cereal grains to be used as agricultural or food production background
A grain wagon unloads winter wheat into a truck, Nesbitt, Manitoba, Canada
Farming tractor spraying on field at spring

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