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We treat our customer's seed with care. We provide high quality customer service.

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Seed Cleaning

We have been seed cleaning since 1959. We strive to remove all impurities that are possible and we stay on top on the technology sides of things in order to achieve this. We make sure we have the latest and best equipment here to ensure customer satisfaction. For a small plant, we pride ourselves in doing a good job.

We were the first plant to use Optical Seed Sorting, but now everyone does it. We tend to try and do things proactively.

Pedigree Seed Sales

We have a consignment business, so the seed grower that wishes to sell from our site can do so with ease. We look after the booking, the sales, and the pick-ups of the seed, and if someone wants the seed treated we would do that for them as well.

Pedigree seed sales are not a big part of our business, but for the customers we do it for, it is a big part of their business. For our customers who use this service, it means they save on time and energy, as this is a service valued by those who use it. As you have to be a pedigree seed grower to use that service, there is not a lot of people benefitting from it from a customer selling perspective, but in our local area it is very big business. A lot of small farmers don’t clean their own seed, they buy it; it is a convenient depot for them to use from us because they buy the seed and leave it here until they need it.

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Seed Treating

Our customers use our service because we treat our customers’ seeds with care. There is a lot of competition in this market, but we believe we are busy because of the service rather than the treating ability. We pride ourselves on making ourselves readily available to our customers. Providing quality and reliable customer service is one of the most important things for us. When the farmers are working, we are working – when they are done, we can take the weekends off too.

About Us

The Bashaw Seed Cleaning CO-OP is a mid-sized, farmer owned Co-operative located in Basahw Alberta. It was built in 1959 serving central Alberta farmers with high quality seed cleaning, and treating services. We were the first Seed Plant to incorperate color sorting technology to the Alberta seed cleaning business. Our dedication to improved seed quality and customer satisfaction has allowed us to build a new, modern cleaning facility to provide our customers with fast and efficient service. Our team of employees always strive to be the best at what we do.


Contact Us

P.O. Box 418, Bashaw, AB, T0B0H0

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